Hi my name is Lisa and welcome to a the wonderful world of I have no idea what I’m doing! For now, let’s just call this blog a commitment to starting something on a whim immediately and actually beginning an unplanned blog as an accomplishment. Yup, good job Lisa – high five and gold star sticker status. ⭐️ 

By way of career, I am a digital project manager where a road-map combined with research for all the things aligned with measurable goals is necessary. Those are the rules and this is how you define success.

By way of my life, the process is more uncontrolled chaos. Things just never tend to fall into place as neatly. Navigating the life roadblocks can just be a whole different overwhelming level of impossible at times. For me, struggles with 2018 was definitely one for the books y’all! In all seriousness, I’m still just learning how to put one foot in front of the other. 

Made Pawsible simply means this blog was made possible by taking life lessons from my dog, Dixie. If you have or have had the privilege of a dog in your everyday mix than you should be able to easily relate to their special powers to cheer you up when no one else can. For me, Dixie has always been the one that helps me climb out of the darkest, blackest of holes. 

So I’m just hear, focusing on the pawsitive, learning to be present, and enjoy the moment in complete chaos and imperfection. Hey thanks Bonnie Tyler, every now again we do fall apart!

Perhaps I’ll update this about page when and if I have more of a plan? Perhaps this will be where I just talk to myself with nobody else reading? Perhaps I’ll learn and improve my blogging skills? Perhaps this will be the worst blog ever? Perhaps I will struggle with posting anything because I overthink everything? Perhaps Dixie will become one of those dog celebrities and have no time for me? Perhaps I will only appreciate? I mean who really knows, anything is pawsible!

All I know is my love for all things dog and Dixie will surely shine through into my perfectly, unplanned Made Pawsible space. If anyone made it this far in reading, then you get a gold star too ⭐️ 

my brother, Dixie and me
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